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Karlin Aleksandr Bogdanovich

59, Lenin's prospect
Barnaul 656035
Russian Federation

phone +7 3852 363805
fax +7 3852 363863

Aleksandr Bogdanovich Karlin was born in 1951 in Medvedka village, Tyumentsevskiy district, the Altai territory. He graduated with honor from the Sverdlovsk Law Institute in 1972. He passed through all the levels of professional promotion, became an expert in the public prosecution field seeking perfection in law sphere.

Aleksandr Karlin started his career in the public prosecutor's office of Biysk, the Altai territory. He worked as a crime investigator, chief crime investigator, Biysk city prosecutor assistant, deputy district prosecutor.

In 1982 Aleksandr Karlin was appointed the deputy prosecutor of Barnaul city; after that he was appointed the head of the Altai territory public prosecutor's office; in four years he was taken to the General public prosecutor's office of the USSR where he worked as the chief prosecutor of the office, assistant of the General prosecutor at large of the USSR, deputy office head. In 1992 he started working as the head of the prosecutor's office, head of the department for the provision of prosecutors’ participation in the arbitration proceeding of the Russian Federation General public prosecutor's office.

High level of skills is a characteristic of Aleksandr Karlin's work in the main federal posts

In 2004 Aleksandr Karlin became the head of the new subdivision of the Russian Federation President Administration – the State Service Department. One of the major tasks of the Department is provision of execution the state policy in the field of state service by the President of the Russian Federation. Under him the documents determining the strategy of reforming and developing the state service of the Russian Federation were worked out as well as projects of the federal target grants and system Ц forming federal laws that control the state Ц service relations.

On October 25, 2005 Aleksandr Karlin was authorized by the Altai territory Council of PeopleТs Deputies to be the head of the Altai territory Administration (since December 1, 2007 Ц the Governor of Altai Region).

In July 2009 the President of the Russian Federation introduced Altai Regional Legislative Assembly the candidate of Alexander Bogdanovich Karlin. Deputies decided to authorize him the Governor of Altai Region for the five-year term. In August 25, 2009 Alexander Karlin officially took office as the Governor of Altai region.

Doctor of Law, professor. Honored Lawyer of Russia. He has the honorary titles of the prosecutors and the Justice.

He is married, and has two sons.

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